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Product Introduction:

DEALS® is the leading edge web-enabled decision support software that corporate executives, economic developers, and their services providers use to assess, model, and negotiate capital investment projects. The DEALS® software program and the method of using it are covered by US Patent Number 7,640,196.
  • A good decision-making tool was not available before the introduction of DEALS. Project teams often were frustrated, overwhelmed, or at least unsure that they were making the optimal decision. Decisions and deal making were cumbersome, confusing, and expensive. DEALS solves these problems.

  • DEALS greatly reduces time, trims expenses, and streamlines the capital investment decision-making process. With this on-line decision support software, project teams quickly and efficiently can determine decision choices, model their financial results, and track project negotiations under alternative location and transaction scenarios.

  • The flexibility of DEALS enables the user to compare, contrast, and evaluate choices based on either existing facts or "what if" changes in business plans, market conditions, project specifications, and a location’s cost structure, incentive packages, statutes, and regulations. This provides the critical insight to make the optimal decision.

  • Also, DEALS helps EDAs analyze their locations from a business perspective to determine their competitive strengths and weaknesses. This enables EDAs to fine-tune business attraction and retention efforts.

  • Based on a subscriber’s unique business priorities, DEALS helps a company or EDA arrive at the optimal decision using objective, quantifiable information about that company's business needs and the candidate locations' attributes. DEALS can model the start-up and future costs of the different alternatives and can calculate the impact of any offered or desired economic incentives.

  • With DEALS, the market now has interactive software and user support that combines DEALTEK's or the subscriber’s databases, DEALTEK’s powerful analytical models, and the subscriber’s own decision objectives, project criteria, and weighting preferences. This software enables the subscriber internally to better define its business venture or project requirements, analyze the strategic fit of alternative scenarios, and determine their optimal start-up and operating results.

  Turning Decision Choices into Choice Decisions®

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The DEALS ® software program and the method of using it are covered by US Patent Number 7,640,196.
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